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World Journal of Biology and Medical Sciences
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  Volume 2 (2) April-June 2015
Paper No. 1 :
Abundance of Woody Species onLand Reclamation of Semi-Arid Zone of Keita District in Niger Republic
Atiku M., *Oumar A. L, **A.D. Isah, ***Zaki H. M. and ***Wan Ranzali M. Department of Forestry and Fisheries, Faculty of Agric. Kebbi State University of Science and Technology, Aliero | 1-9, 2015
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Paper No. 2 :
Antigiardial, Antioxidant and Cytotoxicity of Ethanolic leaves Extract of Acacia nilotica L
Ahmed Saeed Kabbashi, *Mohammed Ismail Garbi and **Elbadri E. Osman
Medicinal and Aromatic Plants and Traditional Medicine Research Institute (MAPTMRI) |
10-18, 2015
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Paper No. 3 :
Cast Mandibular Guiding Flange Prosthesis in an Acquired Mandibular Defect: A Case Report
M. Dhanraj, Venkata Harish and Prathap Sekhar | 19-24, 2015
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Paper No. 4 :
A Morphological Study of Wormian Bones and Palate in Metopic Skulls
T.S. Gugapriya, N. Vinay Kumar and S.D. Nalina Kumari | 25
-34, 2015
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Paper No. 5 :
Investigation on the Major Risk Factors that Lead to Onset of End Stage Renal Disease in Khartoum State in 2014 (Analysis of the Medical History of Family Members of the Patients)
Sara Abd Elrahman Elbashir, *Rashid Eltayeb Abdalla and **Omer Abbas Mohamad Jahala
| 35-39, 2015
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Paper No. 6 :
In vitro Study on Gas Generation and Chemical Composition of Kochia scoparia as Forage Feed in Ruminants
Mohsen Kazemi, *Ameneh Eskandary Torbaghan, Vahid Shamsabadi, **Bagher Eskandary Torbaghan, ***Yaser Eskandary Torbaghan and ****Mehdi Kazemi | 40-44, 2015
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Paper No. 7 :
Importance of Oxacillin Resistant Coagulase Negative Staphylococcus in Mastitis Infection in Dairy Cattle in and Around Bahir Dar-
Gashaw Getaneh Dagnaw and Biruk Tesfaye Birhanu | 45-63, 2015
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Paper No. 8 :
Current Research Based Technologies in Food Processing Sector: A Brief Review
Subha Ganguly | 64-66, 2015
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Paper No. 9 :
Role of P-Proteins in Functioning of Sieve Elements of Phloem
Hamid Kheyrodin | 67-71, 2015
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Paper No.10 :
Cytogenetical Investigations on the Female Fertility of Highly Advanced (C16) Autotetraploid Fenugreek - Jaya Singh | 72-76
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Paper No.11 :
Constituents of Aqueous Extract of Tamarind (Tamarindus indica) Leaves that Serve the Antimicrobial Activity - Aram Abuzied, Mawadda Adam, Rashid Eltayeb Abdalla, Abubaker Osman Uro and Amel Ali Suleiman | 77-81
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Paper No.12 :

Screening ADME-Toxicity Test of Oxalis corniculatafor its Potential Antibacterial Activity - Manikongkona Kataki and Manoj Kumar Saikia | 82-97

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Paper No.13 :

A Novel Eco-Friendly Approach to Study the Effects of Inorganic, Organic and Biofertilizers on some Agricultural Crops -M.M. Abid Ali Khan, S. Nazeer Haider Zaidi,
Sabiha Kazmi, S. Rais Haider, and *Reena Nashine  | 98-104

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