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Volume 2 (1) Jan - March 2015

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Directions For The Authors
SUBMISSION OF PAPERS: Authors wishing to publish their papers in print version and online should send their articles online with covering letter for publication address to Dr. M.M. Abid Ali Khan, Managing Chief Editor, by post at Editorial Office:
World Journal of Biology and Medical Sciences - ISSN  2349 - 0063  ( Online / Electronic )
235/9, Shahchara Lane, Victoria Street, Lucknow – 226 003, U.P. India.
Authors can also submit their papers online on email id wjmedsc@gmail.com mmabidalikhan265@gmail.com
Manuscript should be written in English in MS Word (Format), type written in double space.
The paper must normally present results of original work, critical reviews, short communications and abstract shall be considered for publication. Submission of the script will be held to imply that it has not been previously published and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere and further that, if accepted, it will not be published elsewhere.
The title of paper must be brief, followed by the names of authors and addresses of Institutions.
Abstract as concise (not more than 300 words) as possible, should be given at the beginning of the paper.
Keywords should be between 4 to 6 words.
An abbreviated running title should also be provided.
The research paper must be divided into following sections starting with Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Material and Methods, Results, Discussion, Acknowledgements and References.
A copyright form in triplicate should be signed and submitted along with manuscript.
References should be cited in the text by author and year, not be number if there are more than two authors, references should be given to the first author followed by et al. and year in the text (for example, Khan et al. 1991). References at the end of the paper should be listed alphabetically by author’s sir names, followed by initials, year of publication, title of paper, name of the Journal (abbreviated according to the World list of scientific periodicals, Butterworth’s, London), Volume number, initial and final page numbers. References to books should be including name(s), title, year, name of publishers and place of publications, and page number of chapter. References to the thesis must include the name, year, title of thesis, degree for which submitted and the name of University.
Scientific names should be underlined (bold, italic), tables should be on separate page(s) and illustrations must be submitted, along with name of author(s), title of paper and numbering separately, the photographs should furnished as a glossy positive prints in triplicate.
Gally proofs may be sent for corrections to the authors along with reprints order forms.
Manuscript will not be returned to authors.
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